CYSA is proud of the nine natural turf fields it has constructed or refurbished at five sites in Chelmsford to serve the association and its programs. Each field was constructed to be level and well drained, even under the most severe rains. All fields are carefully maintained to ensure a safe and quality playing surface. CYSA's comprehensive maintenance program is designed to keep our fields in top playing condition throughout each season.

CYSA's policy for inclement weather is as follows:

  1. CYSA endeavors to conduct all practices and games as scheduled unless field conditions are determined to be unsafe. The responsibility for that determination lies exclusively with CYSA's Field Manager or the Referee on the field at game time.
  2. In the event of severe or prolonged inclement weather, the CYSA Field Manager will inspect each field looking for standing water and other unsafe conditions.
    • Based on the conditions observed on the field and the weather forecast, the field manager will close the field until further notice if unsafe conditions are present. Field closures will be posted to the CYSA website.
    • If no unsafe conditions are present, or those conditions are expected to be eleviated before the next scheduled event, the field will remain open and final determination will be left to the Referee at game time.
  3. Unless a cancellation notice is posted to the CYSA web site, coaches and players are expected to arrive at their assigned field ready to play. Teams that do not wait for an official determination before departing the field or fail to appear risk forfeiting the game.
  4. The Referee can make a final determination on field conditions just prior to a game or at any time during a game. If the Referee determines that field conditions are unsafe and cannot support play without undue risk of injury to the players, the game will be suspended.
  5. Coaches, parents and players have no role in the decision to cancel a game due to weather, it is up to the Field Manage and the Referee.

CYSA will attempt to accommodate one request per child in the Intramural U6, U8, and U10 age groups. Parents may request one of the following:

  1. Up to one day of the week that the child is not available to practice, or
  2. One carpool partner (please specify first and last name of the child you wish to carpool with), or
  3. One coach (please specify the first and last name of the coach).

Additional guidelines:

  • Only one of the three request categories will be allowed during registration.
  • Late registrations (i.e., registrations submitted after the registration deadline) will result in the child being put on a waiting list, and the placement of wait-listed children will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait-listed children’s requests for day of week, carpool or coach cannot be entertained due to the disruption to rosters and teams that have been built using on-time registrations.
  • Requests made via email or phone call will not be entertained.
  • Accommodation of requests is at the discretion of CYSA Intramural Director.
  • The accommodation of requests is secondary to the building of balanced, fair Intramural teams.

Late Registration Fee Policy

Late registrations are subject to a late fee to cover additional administrative burdens on the registrar and late fees or roster change fees imposed by MA Youth Soccer and the Middlesex Youth Soccer League. CYSA's policy on late registration fees are as follows:

  • A late fee of $20 is charged for each player who is registered during the defined late registration period for each season.
  • Late fees are not refundable.
  • Late fees are not included in the CYSA family maximum of $250.

Refund Policy

CYSA's policy on refunds of registration fees are as follows:

  • All refunds of registration fees, regardless of payment method, are subject to a $10 processing fee to cover administrative costs.
  • The registrar must receive a written request to withdraw the player from the program before the first game of the season. Requests for refunds received after the first game of the season will not be honored.
  • Refunds will be issued via the original payment method processed within two weeks of receipt of the written request for refund.
  • Refunds for players who received a discount under a family maximum will be prorated.
  • Late fees are not refundable.
  • Travel uniform costs are not refundable.
  • Due to MYSL refund policies, CYSA Travel players who withdraw after rosters are submitted to the MYSL travel league are subject to any penalties or additional fees that are assessed by MYSL to CYSA as a result of the withdrawal. The amount of the refund will be determined at the start of league games. For information on when rosters are submitted to MYSL, please refer to the CYSA calendar posted on the web site.

Chelmsford Youth Soccer Association encourages all volunteer coaches to participate in MYSA coaching courses. MYSA Course participation will enrich your experience as a coach and help your players develop to their fullest potential. CYSA will reimburse coaches for participation in coaching courses whether hosted by CYSA or hosted in another town. CYSA will also reimburse coaches for participation in NSCAA courses but these courses are often more expensive and CYSA can only reimburse up to the amount of the equivalent MYSA course fee.

Specific Course Details:

  • G-course (online) - reimbursement only after F course is completed (currently $30)
  • G-course (classroom) - tuition reimbursement with fully completed course (currently $30)
  • F-course - tuition reimbursement with fully completed course (Currently $55)
  • E-course - tuition reimbursement with fully completed course (currently $85)
  • D-course - tuition reimbursement with license (currently $300)

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